The Resilient Cultural Organisation

The Resilient Cultural Organisation Cover

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by Peter Latchford

With ever decreasing funding, the word which abounds in the cultural sector is ‘resilience’. But what does it mean to ‘be resilient’ How can organisations become resilient? An expert in enterprise, Professor Peter Latchford has been working internationally with cultural organisations including museums, galleries, theatres, archives, libraries and heritage sites to enable them to achieve a state of resilience and succeed in challenging times. In The Resilient Cultural Organisation, Latchford reveals his tried and tested methodology and a range of tools to maximise success in cultural organisations.

“An excellent primer on culture and enterprise and one that you will return to again and again. Peter Latchford provides a very helpful mix of theory and practice which will enable cultural leaders both to understand where they are and to shape the future directions of the organisations they lead. He gets to grips quickly and effectively with what enterprise really means in a cultural organisation and provides ideas that you can use in practice.” - Iain Watson, Director of Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums (Winner of the Collections Trust ‘Enterprise in Museums’ award, 2014).

“This book raises quite profound questions for the operational paradigm. Easy to follow and compelling.” - Simon Cane, Director of Public and Cultural Engagement, UCL