Towards Intelligent Museum Exhibits

By Joe Collins

Intelligent Exhibit

  1. Museums and galleries already make use of audio visual technology. This technology can be enhanced so that artefacts and exhibits can respond intelligently to visitors, providing a customised narration.
  2. A “proof of concept” prototype was produced during a one week collaboration between Black Radley, Microsoft and Shrewsbury Museum.
  3. The availability of cheap and fast facial recognition software allows this to be done for under £100 using free (Open Source) software.
  4. Updating the narration could be relative quick so it can be placed in the control of local subject matter experts who can change the narration when required or in response to visitor feedback.
  5. Such a device can also gather information about its own performance. So that different narrations and exhibits can be evaluated and the behaviour of visitors can be understood.

A full report is available, Intelligent Exhibit Proof of Concept

The source code is available at

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