Intelligent Exhibit Improves At The Harris

By Joe Collins

The Intelligent Exhibit is an experiment to see if exhibits can interact with visitors by recognising their faces and ages. All for under 100 quid.

In April a team from Black Radley and Microsoft created an intelligent museum exhibit. It was just a proof of concept to see if it could be done.

At the end of August the team reconvened at The Harris in Preston to turn the proof of concept into a prototype.

The Harris Hack Team

Martin, Martin, Jamie and Mason put in some long days working on the code. Now the Intelligent Exhibit can be controlled remotely. The voices can be conveniently changed and updated, either using synthetized voices, or recordings.

As a test the bust of Reverend Harris (father of the museum’s benefactor) can now accost young visitors to the museum.

Since the Intelligent Exhibit can estimate the age of visitors, it isn’t so rude to the older visitors.

Thanks to Jamie we were even able to create an exhibit that responded to questions. It could even give directions around the museum when asked.